FAQs from ECE students and freshers

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  1. thank u sir ..its very helpful for freshers like me..and many of my juniors asking me about what project they should do now i can give this slide to them,,they are just making some old circuit from Google..by just searching "project for b tech circuit for main project etc "
    i think every one shold read thsi slide…can i get copy of this doc(as .ppt format or .doc) ??
    once again thank u sir

  2. Thanku sir! This is really nice..I'm a final year student. I did manage to make a mini project myself(partly) for my 6th semester. Now i'm thinking about any ideas for my final project, but couldnt get anything feasible. I would like to make something of myself instead of copying from any other's projects. Thanks again for this presentation.


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